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Space Age Funk is a jam-packed album of groovy funky pop tunes and loops with a retro twist, written for game & app developers!

Listen Here: https://soundcloud.com/user-512388516/space-age-funk-video-game-music-loop-pack-...

Space Age Funk Music Loop Pack contains 109 music files and seamless loops clocking in at almost 30 minutes of music! Excellent for games and apps in the fun, quirky, spacey, hip, children, and anything that promotes that funky groovy feel!

Contains a variety of loop lengths and styles, as well as full mixes for trailers and promotion of your project.

Formats included: .wav, .aiff, .ogg, mp3. Tracks and seamless looping wav, aiff, and ogg files at 44.100 kHz, 16 Bit, Stereo.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or music/audio design needs for your project!

Tracks Included:

Alien Boss Battle

 * Alien Boss Battle Full Version x 4

 * Alien Boss Battle Loop 1 x 3

 * Alien Boss Battle Loop 2 x 3

 * Alien Boss Battle Loop 3 x 3

 * Alien Boss Battle Loop 4 x 3

 * Alien Boss Battle Loop 5 x 3

 * Alien Boss Battle Loop 6 x 3

 * Alien Boss Battle Loop 7 x 3

 * Alien Boss Battle Loop 8 x 3

 Funky Alien

 * Funky Alien Full Version x 4

 * Funky Alien Loop 1 x 3

 * Funky Alien Loop 2 x 3

 * Funky Alien Loop 3 x 3

 * Funky Alien Loop 4 x 3

 * Funky Alien Loop 5 x 3

 * Funky Alien Loop 6 x 3

 * Funky Alien Loop 7 x 3

Spacey Groove

 * Spacey Groove Full Version X 4

 * Spacey Groove Loop 1 X 3

 * Spacey Groove Loop 2 X 3

 * Spacey Groove Loop 3 X 3

 * Spacey Groove Loop 4 X 3

 * Spacey Groove Loop 5 X 3

 * Spacey Groove Loop 6 X 3

 * Spacey Groove Loop 7 X 3

 * Spacey Groove Loop 8 X 3

 Surfing Gravity

 * Surfing Gravity Full Version x 4

 * Surfing Gravity Loop 1 x 3

 * Surfing Gravity Loop 2 x 3

 * Surfing Gravity Loop 3 x 3

 * Surfing Gravity Loop 4 x 3

 * Surfing Gravity Loop 5 x 3

 * Surfing Gravity Loop 6 x 3

 * Surfing Gravity Loop 7 x 3

 * Surfing Gravity Loop 8 x 3

Bio & Credits

An award winning classically trained composer and multi-instrumentalist, Craig feels equally at home composing for orchestra as he does with synthesizers, world music instruments, and computers.

Craig has a Bachelor's Degree in Music from the University of Prince Edward Island, and a Specialist Certificate in Orchestrating and Producing Music for Film and Video Games from the Berklee School of Music in Boston, Massachusetts.

He has worked on over 35 video game scores acting as composer and sound designer for the projects.

 Selected Video Game Composer & Sound Design Credits

 Big Buck Hunter (Facebook)

Shadow of the Panopticon (PC)

American Restoration  (AETV/History Television)

Nunavut Quest (PC)

Neutrino and the Quantum Paradox (iPad)

DotBot (iPod)

Membrain (iPhone)

My Ocean (National Geographic)

S.N.A.P. (Android)

Super Shopper (iPad)

Mascot Park Six Flags (Facebook)

Cipher (PC)

Washer Toss (iPad)

Hidden World (Facebook)

Ooka Island Adventure (PC)

Top Shot (AETV)

The Fantastic Garden (iPad)

Bugsters (Facebook)

This2That (iPod)

Sidekicks (PC)

Vapour (PC)

Film & Television Composer Credits

The Voice - NBC

Pawn Stars - History Television

Catfish, The TV Show - MTV

Hardcore Heroes - History

NBA - MSG Network

Game of Arms - AMC

Al Capone : Icon - PBS

Pawn Stars UK - History

Manhattan: Beyond The Bomb - WGN

Me and My Pet: CBeebies - BBC

Best Week Ever - MTV

Tito vs. Bonnar: Winner Take All - Spike TV

Off The Bat From The MLB Fan Cave - MTV2

American Pickers - History Television

Vegas Rat Rods - Discovery Channel

Toddlers & Tiaras - TLC

Beasts of the Bayou - Discovery

River Monsters - Animal Planet

Elder Skelter - Discovery Channel

Real Housewives of Miami - Bravo

Gator Boys - Animal Planet

Bake My Day - Net 5

House of Horrors - Discovery Channel

Nightmare Next Door - Discovery Channel

Big Bad Wood - National Geographic Channel

Hot Listings Miami - The Style Network

Caught on Camera - MSNBC Films

I Almost Got Away With It - Discovery Channel

Thinking Speed - Feature Film Trailer

Don't Drive Here - Discovery Channel

Hotel Impossible - Travel Channel

Stalked: Someone's Watching - Discovery Channel

Inside the Box/Interrogation Krebs Codgell - MSNBC Films

Kyoufu - Japanese Feature Film

Grand Benders - MTV Canada/BPMTV

Bloody Good - 3Net/Discovery/Sony/IMAX

Turnaround King - National Geographic Channel

Staten Island Cakes - WETV

Sacred She - Short Film

Alaska Wing Men - National Geographic Channel

Mrs. Eastwood & Company - E! Entertainment Network

Levantate - Telemundo Television

La Casa De Al Lado - Telemundo Television

Live Another Day - Feature Film

Logitech - Corporate Advertisement

National Geographic - Online Ad

The SyFy Network

N3XT TV - Web series. Seasons 1, 2, 3, 4

The Centurion - Theatre production, Singapore

The Men of La Mancha - Feature Film Trailer, La Mancha Media (2011)





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